The Answers You Need


We have noticed a few other DJs who are cheaper, can you come down in price?

I feel the reason certain DJ’s are cheap is down to the quality of the equipment and lack of experience. All of my equipment comes to a price of over $10,000 (not including my custom made Dj trailer). All this, supplied along with a professional DJ. The reason I charge this is because I feel this is reasonable for what I supply.

I could come down in price if you wanted to supply the equipment but I would feel more comfortable using my own as I can guarantee its quality.

Remember that you only get one wedding day, do you want to take a risk and hire a cheap DJ or do you want to feel confident that you have the best wedding DJ in the Southwest?

We have thought about just using a playlist on our iPhone, how do you feel about this?

In all honesty, for people who have a small budget, I don’t believe it is a terrible idea.

I have known some weddings to set up a computer in the corner with powered speakers, but you run the risk of someone hijacking your playlist.

What you are paying for is the experience a DJ has of picking right tunes at the right times. Keeping the energy levels up  (or even slowing them down if they think people need a bit of a breather), cutting a song short if people are uninterested and being able to judge the vibe of the evening.

You want to just party and let loose, if you have pre-made a list of songs, you will be looking around at people and worrying that your choice in the song was the wrong one. Having a DJ will just let you relax and have fun.

What type of music do you play, do you take requests?

I have a unique way of making sure your music is perfect on the night. I will ask you to create your ideal wedding playlist in iTunes, then you can share this list with me and I will download all of the songs and put together a killer playlist which includes all of your favourite tunes, and other tracks that I know will go well on the night.

What are your payment terms?

On booking my services a $200 deposit is required, the remaining balance to be paid 7 days prior to the event.